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'J' / Oct 06, 2013
Forums will be enabled soon.

Also if any veteran SYNners are wondering, archives of the old blog (and the really old forums) still exist. Not sure what to do with them, but they exist. Maybe some of that content will selectively make it's way into the new forums.
'J' / Oct 05, 2013
Ok, so I finally took the old TS2 server down when it was clearly going unused for months at a time. That was a few years ago.

It's time to relight the candles...

The temporary TS3 server I have had running for a short while will likely be turned off as soon as a Mumble server is sorted out.

EDIT: Done.
'J' / Oct 05, 2013
The domain has been maintained over the years, but hasn't pointed anywhere useful in a long time. For the moment it redirects to a dropbox folder with some images of the current city blueprints and some old screenshots. In the coming days (weeks?) I will be getting various resources in place and then eventually have the domain linked directly to this site.

EDIT: Eventually became today. Done.